In 2013, 4,585 workers in the United States were killed on the job. Astoundingly, more than one out of every three (35%) of these fatal injuries were a result of being struck by an object/equipment or caused by an incident on the roadway. Professions like construction, manufacturing, transportation, mining, and emergency response are just a few of America’s most dangerous workplace environments. And though visibility safety is not the cause for every fatality, we claim that lives could be saved with our product; this is especially the case for the 16% of workplace transportation incidents that involve a pedestrian. When 70% of all pedestrian fatalities are occurring at night, there needs to be a better solution to our roadside workers. Most of you are very familiar with our Verve product line, geared to create a utility illuminated safety vest for our active roadside athletes; we now are excited to announce a new, vastly different design tailored to the men and women that currently wear reflective vests while on the job. Today we are launching, which features the brightest, most custom ANSI-approved safety vest in the world.


Our laboratory-tested illuminated safety vest meets ANSI 107-2010 and integrates 48 custom color/function LEDs underneath the industry-standard retroreflective film. Just like the Verve, these products feature 20 steady-state color options with 5 variable brightnesses; they have 19 flashing modes and are powered by an alkaline or rechargeable Li-ion 9V battery. The LEDs are built to a waterproof protection level IP68, meaning they are dust proof and submergible.


You Saw Me is changing the way we see our roadside workers and this year we were given the go-ahead for revolutionizing worker visibility safety. The customization of LEDs allows for over one-mile visibility of our workers, even without oncoming headlights; it enables workers to wear safety vests with company color lights; finally, it accounts for custom colors for identifying specific worker roles from afar. We spent many hours creating a product that a multitude of industries would be able to use active illumination to customize their mandated safety vests, something that has never been done before in industry. And although we cannot guarantee reducing that 4,585 figure from 2013, increasing awareness of where industrial workers are during a project will undoubtedly prevent injuries and save lives, and that is why we exist. If you or a loved one currently wears those “old school” reflective vests and want introduced to the future of worker visibility safety, check out our new site:

Thanks for all the support – stay seen, stay safe,

The You Saw Me Team





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