Daylight Savings “Time to be Thankful”

It’s that time of the year again!  It’s getting cold outside, it’s hard to find time to walk/run outside in the daylight before or after work, and turkeys are being butchered at an impressive rate. We’d like to take a moment to give you a little history and some odd facts about the annual turning back of the hour hand, as well as reflect on people, places, and things we are thankful for.

Since the mechanical clock was invented around 1270, there have been three artificial adjustments to natural sun-time.  In 1784, Benjamin Franklin proposed government intervention to adjust the hours of activity to reduce the waste of sunlight.  While in Paris, Franklin noticed sunlight coming into his room at six in the morning. He recognized that an extraordinary amount of candlewax, and therefore money, could be saved every year by forcing people to use more of the free sunlight in the mornings and spend less time by candlelight in the evenings. His “bright” idea failed to gain traction until an Englishman revived the idea and nearly 120 years later. In 1905, William Willett, a well-known designer and builder of stately houses, was riding his horse at seven in the morning as usual and noticed that he almost never saw anyone else up at that hour of the day. The idea came to him that the time could be shifted one hour to allocate an hour of the morning daylight to be used in the evening without changing the time people woke up.  In July 1907, Willett described his daylight savings plan in a pamphlet, The Waste of Daylight. Sadly, he never saw his contrived plan for DST instituted. Willett died in 1914 before Britain finally adopted DST in 1916 following Germany’s adoption of its own version of DST for efficiency purposes during WWI.

Daylight saving time is utilized in 74 countries as of the year 2000 with at least one country on every continent using this time standard. Most of Arizona and all of Hawaii do not recognize DST. Academic DST studies show that it lowers SAT scores, lowers crime rates, and decreases accidents involving pedestrians and automobiles.

The You Saw Me team would like to take this opportunity to raise awareness about being seen while it’s dark earlier in the evening after the clocks have been set back due to DST. We believe that the darkness before and after work during this time of year should not discourage active people from exercising outside in the fresh air. We have adjusted our clocks to alter how the sunlight affects our daily routine, but our product enables active people to increase their visibility after the one-hour shift.

And now that we have successfully turned our clocks back an hour, we are reminded of a holiday to reflect on what we are thankful for. As a startup company, boy do we have a many things to name. We are proud to deliver the brightest, highest quality, most durable, and versatile safety product solely because of several key components: our community, our entourage, and our team.


Moving to a new city with only a prototype and a mission was a scary endeavor. At first, we chose Lexington, KY to build and expand our business because of the couch to crash on, but we have unexpectedly fell in love with the area and it’s undoubtedly because of the people in it. Everyone walked towards the light and embraced our life-saving vision for creating a highly engineered visibility safety product line that people enjoy wearing. A special shoutout to Awesome Inc for the mentorship and, above-all, friendship we needed to get to where we are today. Thanks to anyone that sat down with us over a cup of coffee to give guidance or make an introduction. We love sharing our story and we are grateful that the Lexington community likes listening to it!Awesome Inc.

We also want to sincerely express our thanks to those that put in the extra time to ensure we delivered the product we dreamed up years ago. We are very appreciative to SnapDolls and the resources they provided for handcrafting every single product we deliver. A special thanks to Carol and Dana for taking on the challenge to hone their years of sewing experience with electronic assembly – we make sure our customers are well aware of the effort that goes into manufacturing every vest! Thanks to the website developers, photographers, videography teams, and our typically unpaid models for our shoots. We truly appreciate you braving the chilly 6:00AM shoots so that we can showcase just how awesome our vest is. Our “entourage” consists of anyone that shares that same life-saving vision and the effort and quality associated with that vision becoming a reality. Thanks to everyone; we couldn’t be happier or prouder to be surrounding ourselves with people like yourselves.


And finally, and maybe most importantly, we want to thank our ever-expanding You Saw Me team. This includes the kids that shout out the window at a runner wearing a vest, the cars that stop to ask where the runner got their LED vest; it includes those that post feedback or personally write or call us to give a testimonial; it includes our customers posting selfies after their night run. We would not be here if it weren’t for this team. We pride ourselves on being a “customer-designed” business because we love people and genuinely want to create a life-saving and versatile product. Thanks team and happy Thanksgiving!

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