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The Prizm

Customizable Reflective & LED Vest


The one-size-fits-all Prizm can easily fit over anyone, even children, to enhance their safety.


Reflective outer layer and integrated LEDs for improved visibility. Utility front pocket to hold personal items while jogging.


Engineered to securely and comfortably fit commuter and elite cyclist riding styles.


20 LED color selections and 20 flashing modes creates a safety product for anyone seeking attention.

About Us

We are You Saw Me, inventors of the retroreflective and LED safety products. We exist to create innovative products to improve two important safety measures: visibility and identifiability. Our layering technology enhances visibility one-mile away. Our ability to allow users to customize LED color/function creates an identification factor - whether it is to match your team colors or indicate personnel via LED color - that is unparalleled with other visibility safety products. Our goal is to create visibility safety products that people actually want to wear and to save lives by doing so.



The outer layer of our products features a prismatic retroreflective film. This strategically reflects all oncoming light, which is powerful even during the day.

Waterproof LEDs

Waterproof LEDs are embedded beneath the reflective outer layer. These lights are controlled with a small controller to select between any color and flashing mode to refract and enhance visibility one-mile away.

Lightweight Design

At 11 oz., the Prizm is perfect for training athletes. The vest is powered by a 9V battery, which achieves a life of 50+ hours of illumination. Rechargeable batteries are also available.

Utility Pocket

The Prizm features a front utility pocket. Strategically designed, this Velcro pocket can house any smartphone and is centrally weighted on the torso - an advantage over holding your phone or having it flop in your pocket. At this location, you can even play music from the internal phone speaker, allowing you to still hear surrounding traffic.


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